Many needs...
Household supplies:

Paper towels, Paper napkins, Toilet paper, Kleenex,

Dish detergent, Dish washer detergent, Laundry detergent, Dryer sheets,

Toilet bowl cleaner, Toilet bowl brush, Shower mats, Bathroom rugs,

All purpose spray cleaner, Windex, Scouring pads, Soap,

Axe or Degree products: Axe body wash, Axe shampoo, Axe deodorant,

Lotion, Twin sheet sets/white, White bath towels, Storage bins,

Twin throw blankets, Coffee pot, Trash cans, Waste baskets,

other household goods and supplies...

Augustine House

$ All checks made payable to Cafe Augustine
If you're unable to attend, but would still like to make a contribution send gifts or donations to 
Café Augustine 3730 Market St. Youngstown Ohio 44507. 

Tax deductible 501c3. We will gladly accept Walmart gift cards, Giant Eagle gift cards, Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards

We are in need of basic supplies for these young men to get off to a good start in life.

(Used appreciated in usable condition...e.g. computer, laptop, tablets, toaster, microwave, toaster oven, fry pan, coffee pot, teapot, Keurig, iron, laundry basket, towels, twin sheets)

Even if we have duplicate items, we will keep on hand as the young men ultimately move on into their own independent living elsewhere and we will provide them with basics to start off in life.

Non perishable food items: E.g. beans, pasta, canned goods, cereals, breakfast bars, Gatorade, your ideas...

To access our Amazon wishlist go to and search wishlists using email address (Edward Brienz- Augustine House). To access our Bed Bath & Beyond registry, search under the name: Augustine House.

Meet. Eat. Inspire.

"The Augustine House is a transitional living

complex for Cafe Augustine employees who are

successfully working at the Cafe and are in need

of a stable home environment. Through staff and

board member support, residents experience a

family-like atmosphere while living at the

Augustine House. Cafe Augustine and the

Augustine House are part of the St. Augustine

Society Inc. which is a 501c3 organization."